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Today, Geaux 247's Shea Dixon was able to be on hand for the arrivals of 2021 freshmen WRs Jack Bech, Malik Nabers, Chris Hilton Jr, Brian Thomas Jr, Florida-native OL Kimo Makaneole, "the best DE of the 2021 class" Saivion Jones, Maryland LB Greg Penn III, Mississippi TE Jalen Shead, and two incredible safety talents from Lafayette: Sage Ryan and Matthew Langlois all moving on campus and saying goodbye to their parents.

photo by S. Dixon 247 (Chris Hilton Jr NINJA Mode)

A new chapter begins today for these young men....and my god are we all excited for their arrival....but the Tiger Talent Train still isn't finished:

Joining these young men this weekend?? LSU's two new transfer defenders, Major Burns and Mike Jones Jr.

The most highly anticipated arrival, LB/SS hybrid Mike Jones Jr out of Clemson, settled in on Friday and is now ready for full throttle practice / team activities. Baton Rouge-native Major Burns returned to his hometown during the middle of last week, hanging out with Ali Gaye among others, reconnecting with 2022 LSU target (and Madison Prep teammate) Quency Wiggins, among other activities.

According to Corey Kiner's mother Denean, Kiner will arrive from Ohio on June 9th (he graduates on the 3rd), while RB Armoni Goodwin, Damarius McGhee and Bryce Langston should be expected on or around June 5th.

It's been a long road for both these young men and LSU Odyssey, covering every aspect of the 2021 class....from Friday night games, exclusive interviews with the players, their coaches or parents, nonstop analysis on their attributes, skills and shortcomings, all while dissecting their past, present and Tiger future.

For instance: since September 17th 2020, LSU Odyssey wrote 79 different profiles, interviews, stories or articles of analysis on every single one of our 2021 crew.....I didn't want to keep counting....

We covered it all...and if you want to check it all out, seeing what you'll get at the least for 2022's class.......check out:

That is a subscriber only piece, but for the price of 14.48 cents a day, or $3.50 a month, you can have access to that 23 minute piece as well as our digital library full of goldmine footage, otherworldly coverage of 2022-2018 LSU in grave detail, Top 10 DBs of DBU, 7 Greatest Louisiana Natives Who Didn't Play for LSU, and a large array of profiles on past Tiger Legends going back to the 40s (from Jeff Wickersham to Joe Nagata).

Below is more of photos from Shea Dixon, the Geaux 247 recruiting king:

photo by S. Dixon 247 (Brian Thomas Jr "total G")

photo by S. Dixon 247 (Malik Nabers: "Man On Fire")
photo by S. Dixon 247 (Kimo Makaneole says goodbye to Florida)

photo by S. Dixon 247 (from left: Safeties Matthew Langlois and Sage Ryan)

photo by S. Dixon 247 (Jack Bech is my favorite for a reason)

photo by S. Dixon 247 (Saivion Jones being responsible with the mask)

ALL photos by Shea Dixon of Geaux247



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SHOUTOUTS: All our new freshman Tigers!

Welcome!!! You have our FULL support!

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